Parallel sessions 1

Thursday 27 June, 9:45 – 11:15

Banking Risks and Regulation – 1

Chair : Leonardo GAMBACORTA (Bank for International Settlements)

|Understanding Shadow Banking from an European Perspective
-Pierre Nicolas REHAULT (University of Limoges, LAPE)
Discussant : Esther JEFFERS (University of Paris 8, LED)|
|Universal Banking and Shadow Banking in Europe
-Esther JEFFERS (University of Paris 8, LED) and Dominique PLIHON (University of Paris 13, CEPN)
Discussant : Noma ZIADEH-MIKATI (University of Limoges, LAPE)|
|Too Low for Too Long Interest Rates, Bank Risk Taking and Bank Capitalization : Evidence from the US Commercial Banks
-Noma ZIADEH-MIKATI (University of Limoges, LAPE)
Discussant : Pierre Nicolas REHAULT (University of Limoges, LAPE)|

Banking Market Structure – 1

Chair : Laurent WEILL (University of Strasbourg)

|Loan Officer Reliance on Hard Information : Empirical Investigation on the Role of Banking Competition
-Abdellah BOUCHELLAL (University of Orléans, LEO)
Discussant : Ion LAPTEACRU (University Bordeaux IV, LAREFI)|
|La structure des marchés et le comportement concurrentiel des banques des PECO
-Ion LAPTEACRU (University Bordeaux IV, LAREFI)
Discussant : Mouhamad KOUZEZ (University of Angers, UNAM-GRANEM)|
|Valeur de la firme bancaire jordanienne : une approche en données de panel
-Mouhamad KOUZEZ (University of Angers, UNAM-GRANEM) and Bruno SEJOURNE (University of Angers, UNAM-GRANEM)
Discussant : Abdellah BOUCHELLAL (University of Orléans, LEO)|

Corporate Finance and Governance

Chair : Liliane BONNAL (University of Poitiers, CRIEF)

|Born to Be Alive ? The Survival of Innovative and Non-Innovative French Micro Start-ups
-Régis BLAZY (IEP Strasbourg and EM Strasbourg Business School) and Tristan BOYER (IPAG-LAD)
Discussant : Ludovic VIGNERON (University of Lille-Nord de France, IDP)|
|Investor Protection and Optimal Contracts UnderRisk Aversion and Costly State Verification
-César TAMAYO (Rutgers University)
Discussant : Régis BLAZY (IEP Strasbourg and EM Strasbourg Business School)|
|Caractéristiques informationnelles du secteur d’activité et recours aux crédits fournisseur
-Meriam DAIRI (University of Lille-Nord de France, LSMRC) and Ludovic VIGNERON (University of Lille-Nord de France, IDP)
Discussant : César TAMAYO (Rutgers University)|

International Finance and Financial Crises

Chair : Michel BOUTILLIER (University Paris Ouest, EconomiX)

|Market Volatility Transmission and Central Banking : What Happened during Subprime Crisis
-Kamel Malik BENSAFTA (University of Orléans, LEO) and Gervasio SEMEDO (University of Tours, LEO)
Discussant : Ons JEDIDI (University of Rennes 1, CREM)|
|Forecasting Sovereign Debt Crises : A Distinct Rule of Thumb for the Advanced Economies?
-Ons JEDIDI (University of Rennes 1, CREM)
Discussant : Davide TOMIO (Copenhagen Business School) and Jun UNO (Waseda University)|
|The Microstructure of the European Sovereign Bond Market : a Study of the Euro-Zone Crisis
-Loriana PELIZZON (University of Venice), Marti SUBRAHMANYAM (University of New-York, Stern School of Business), Davide TOMIO (Copenhagen Business School) and Jun UNO (Waseda University)
Discussant : Kamel Malik BENSAFTA (University of Orléans, LEO) |


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